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Short Story Month, Day 4: Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci

Individual photos of authors Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci.
Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci

I was going to put this up as a palate cleanser after a couple more days of intense, gut-punching stories, but it's Star Wars Day, so May 4 seems the most appropriate time to share a fun, nerdy West Side Story meets Star Trek and Star Wars tale by two fantastic YA writers. I adore this story not only as a sweet, hilarious love letter to nerd culture, but as a subversion of what we expect people to be. It's not just that the girl is an assertive Klingon—it's that it's an assertive Asian girl. In fact, the last time I shared this story, a friend responded with, "That was about you, right?" Said friend, however, would know that had it been about me, it'd be set at a concert and the title would refer to Less Than Jake's "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads."

I would say more, but if I didn't already have you at the whole "West Side Story meets Star Trek and Star Wars" thing, there's really nothing more I can say to convince you. Have fun, and May the Fourth be with you!



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