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In Case You Missed It

Updated: May 2, 2018

LA's Downtown News made DTLA/37 its cover story for the week of January 15. You can see the entire issue here.

The paper published a few of Lev's photos but none of Tim's, so in case you haven't seen the ones floating about the internet, here's one of my all-time favorites.

Photo by Tim Ronca

This was taken at Lucha VaVOOM!, one of the first stories we covered, and one of my favorites to write. This photo was love at first sight for me, and it provided the motivation necessary to keep moving forward with the book. Whenever I show this to people, they tell me that it doesn't look real; it looks like a painting or a cartoon.

One thing I love the most about this is that I wrote about a man I saw strutting through the audience wearing a bright pink suit and lucha mask. It was my first Lucha VaVOOM! show, and I had no idea whether he was an audience member or a part of the show. You can see him in the photo, watching the show with a wrestling belt slung over his shoulder.



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